Optimized for all devices

Demon's Wrath is optimized to run on even 10 year old computers with integrated graphics so everyone can enjoy it!

Chunk System

Items and characters are loaded in chunks as they near the player, so the world's size is not limited by performance. This has minimal effect on visual quality because characters and items in far chunks are hardly visible anyways.

Top down view of chunk system: red boxes are loaded chunks, trees included for scale

All-angle Billboards

Since trees are larger than characters and items, unloading them at a distance is too noticeable. To improve the performance of trees, we made a billboard system. This system replaces far-away trees with flat 2D images [1]. Traditional billboards offered by other games can show the tree at different horizontal views, but our billboards can rotate vertically to show top/bottom angles as well [2].

This page is still in progress